The ANZSRS currently has six regions to enable local scientific collaboration, education and networking. Each region is headed by a Regional Chair, whose primary role is to represent the membership of their region to the Board, and to assist in the day-to-day functioning of the Company as directed by the Board or a formally delegated committee of the Board.

At regional level, the Regional Chairs duties include:

  •  Facilitation and fostering of a regular interchange of ideas through meetings, newsletters or whatever suits the region best.
  •  Dissemination of information regarding Society activities to members of their region
  •  Orientation of local members to support offered by the Society in terms of educational
  •  scholarships and travel grants to attend meetings
  •  Active encouragement of membership to attend and contribute to local regional meetings and the annual scientific meeting.
  •  Coordinate contribution to the Society Website Case of the Month and Library Corner series from their region.

For information regarding a particular region and their activities, please click on the links below: