The Society has a number of committees and sub-committees to assist with operational and developmental activities of the Society. The main committees include:

Abstract Review Committee

The Abstract Review Committee (ARC) comprises a chairperson and four other financial ANZSRS members who have previously had their own abstract(s) appraised and presented at our own and/or other Annual Scientific Meetings (ASM). The Chair is a senior member of the society appointed by ANZSRS Scientific & Conference Committee (SCC). The remainder of the committee is selected by the ARC Chair to ensure an appropriate breadth of scientific and research knowledge and expertise, and ratified by the SCC. The committee is responsible for review of abstracts for one ASM. The Committee reports to the SCC.
The review process is confidential and is also intended to be educational. A maximum of two of the ARC members will be first-time reviewers, and along with the rest of the committee, they will also be subject to the learning process. The committee has an overall responsibility to maintain a high standard in of scientific integrity of abstracts accepted for presentation at the ASM.


Scientific & Conference Committee

The Scientific & Conference Committee (SCC) is a highly valued and active committee with broad ranging responsibilities. It comprises a chairperson, approved by the Board and four other financial ANZSRS members. Members include the immediate past Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) Local Organising Committee (LOC) Chair, the current LOC Chair and the upcoming LOC Chair. In addition, there is a Member-at –Large who provides input to the group and substitutes as Chair in the SCC Chair’s absence. Each member holds a three year term. The Committee reports to the Board via the Director holding the Conference and Research Portfolio.

The SCC is responsible for maintaining continuity for ASM activities, providing direction to LOC for the content and speakers for the ASM, appointing Abstract Review Panel Chair, providing stabilisation of scientific and research activities of the Society, acting to increase the role that laboratory-based research plays within the Society, improving the knowledge and skills of Society members, providing advice to individual Society members and regions on presentation and publication of scientific work, representing ANZSRS on the TSANZSRS ASM Governance Committee (the joint conference committee of the ANZSRS, TSANZ and conference administrator), coordinating and overseeing the ANZSRS Jeff Pretto Memorial Research Grant, assisting in the development and review of the ANZSRS Roadshow scientific presentations and, in conjunction with the Board, liaising with external bodies on research activities of mutual interest.

The committee as at December 2021 is:

Chair:            Lauren Bussell

Members:    Vacant, Past LOC Chair 

                        Pam Liakaoks, Current LOC Co-Chair (2020/2021 ASM)
                        Cathy Pendergrast, Upcoming LOC Chair (2022 ASM)

                        Tamara Blake, Member at Large


Annual Scientific Meeting Local Organising Committee

The Local Organisining Committee (LOC) for the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) is a pivotal committee in the operation and development of the content for the ASM. It is responsible for the development of the ASM scientific and social program for an assigned year. It provides a great opportunity for Society members to be creative and hone their organisational skills while developing relationships both within and between societies. The committee comprises an LOC Chair, approved by the Scientific & Conference Committee (SCC) and ratified by the Board. The LOC is generally assembled by the LOC Chair from Society members within the region where the ASM is being organised. This is usually the region that the ASM is held however this is not always the case. ASMs are rotated across regions to ensure no single region is asked to organise a conference more than once in 5 years. The LOC Chair holds a position on the SCC for three years and a position on the TSANZSRS ASM Governance Committee for one year to ensure continuity of ASM management.

In addition to organising the scientific and social program for the ASM, the LOC Chair and his/her LOC is also responsible for calling planning meetings of the LOC and maintaining records, liaising with potential speakers and trade in consultation with the Trade Liaison Officer, liaising with conference administrators, providing reports and escalating relevant issues to the Board and SCC as required, actively participating in review of abstract submission, registration and website design and delivering the meeting within the designated budget.

Professional Standards Committee (PSC)

Responsible for the development, implementation and review of documentation and assessment tools relating to professional standards and competencies. A sub-group of the PSC is also responsible for review of CRFS examination questions in conjunction with the CRFS coordinator.