ASM Award Recipients

The ASM awards were established to recognise and encourage investigation and research in the field of respiratory science. We acknowledge the following ANZSRS members for their success.


ASM Year & LocationBest Oral AwardBest Poster AwardNew Investigator # AwardThe Robert Jensen* Award
2019 Gold Coast

Paul Kelly

Nasal high flow therapy and supplemental oxygen does not augment exercise performance in COPD

Leigh Seccombe

End-tidal gas analysis is not appropriate for the calculation of dead space ventilation during incremental exercise

Ryan Welch

Relative prevalence of ventilatory limitation in male and female adolescent athletes at peak exercise

Kris Nilsen

Ventilation measurements from hyperpolarised 3H3 magnetic resonance imaging are a marker of airway closure in subjects with airflow obstruction

2018 Adelaide

John Brannan

Cough sensitivity to mannitol inhalation challenge identifies subjects with cough

Lisa Harrison

Magnetic vs electrical phrenic nerve stimulation: Comparison of reliability, subject discomfort and nerve/muscle latency

Laura Ploen

Winds of change: Bronchodilator responsiveness from more than one direction

Kevin Ellyett

Ventilatory limitation during exercise in physically active adolescent females

2017 Canberra

Leigh Seccombe

Firefighting self-contained breathing apparatus is not an independent risk factor for airway hyperresponsiveness

Danny Brazzale

Resting lung function may predict the response to altitude simulation in motor neuron disease

Rachel Kingsford

Acute altitude exposure in patients with treated versus untreated severe obstructive sleep apnoea

Paul Kelly

Tracheal gas conditions during nasal oxygen supplementation: Heated humidification high flow nasal oxygen versus low flow nasal oxygen

2016 Perth

Leigh Seccombe

Right Heart Function and Gas Exchange During Simulated Altitude in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Brooke Cantley

The Arterial Blood Pressure Changes during Spirometry in a Normal and COPD Group

Katherine Macpherson

Does Fraction of Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) Correlate with Airway Hyperresponsiveness (AHR) to Inhaled Mannitol: Implication for Treatment with Inhaled Corticosteroids

Claire Shackleton

A Sensitive Lung Function Measure to Differentiate Between Healthy and Wheezy Children

2015 Gold Coast Claire Shackleton
Airway distensibility is not influenced by changes in growth in pre-school aged children
Brook Cantley
Post lung transplant DLCO measures do not correlate with outcome
Emma Smith
Time to best lung function post lung transplant
Mark Jurisevic
Pulmonary function interlaboratory quality control: A twenty year retrospective
2014 Adelaide Josh Stanton
Lung function and exercise capacity in adult survivors of very low birth weight
Jun Yang
The effect of haemoglobin adjustment equations for DLCO on the hematopoietic cell transplantation-specific co-morbidity index  
Angela Lewis
Utility of impulse oscillometry in detecting upper airway dysfunction during hypertonic saline challenge
Maureen Verheggen
Collation of multi-centre plethysmographic lung volume data to derive reference equations for caucasian children
2013 Darwin Bruce Thompson Linda Ruedinger Sherinda Murray Leigh Seccombe
2012 Canberra Mahesh Dharmakumara Mark Davis Katie Hulme Karla Logie
2011 Perth Maureen Swanney Anna-Marie Gibson   Chris O'Dea
2010 Brisbane Leigh Seccombe Josh Stanton Mahesh Dharmakumara Vanessa Kelly
2009 Darwin Peter Briffa Karla Logie Vanessa Kelly  
2008 Melbourne Graham Hall Robyn Schoeffel Catherine Walsh  
2007 Auckland Catherine Walsh Lauren Wallace    
2006 Canberra Jeff Pretto Elizabeth Salamon Lauren Wallace  
2005 Perth Leigh Seccombe Andrew Coates Faizel Hartley  
2004 Sydney Phillip Munoz Paul Kelly    
2003 Adelaide Graham Hall Sue Downie Christine Nathan  
2002 Cairns John Brannan Rob Tagliaferri Christine McLachlan  
2001 Brisbane Debbie Burton Bilkana Skoric John Camps  
2000 Melbourne Danny Brazzale Lily Daviskas Paul Finlay  
1999 Canberra Sandy Anderson & Bruce Thompson Andrew Coates  
1998 Adelaide Jacki Furler    
1997 Wellington      
1996 Perth      
1995 Hobart Brenton Eckert    
1994 Hamilton Is. Corrie Ingram David Johns  
1993 Sydney Trevor Borgas    
1992 Canberra      
1991 Lorne Peter Rochford    
1990 Adelaide David Johns    


 # Known as the Young Investigator Award (YIA) prior to 2016.


* The Robert Jensen Award: The prize will be awarded to the presentation judged as best representing excellence in respiratory measurement, with both Oral and Poster presentations being eligible. This award has been kindly donated by Professor Robert Jensen, Hon. ANZSRS member in recognition of the quality of ANZSRS members’ work, and is aimed at providing the recipient an opportunity to present their work at other scientific forums.