ANZSRS Grant Recipients

ANZSRS Advanced Education Grant

Established by the Board in 2011, the Advanced Education Grant is offered to encourage and support continuing education of respiratory clinical physiologists who have completed their core training and are intending to advance their skills and education in the more complex areas of pulmonary function testing.


Year AwardedRecipient
2020 Kiara Sclip and Iain Smith
2019 Margaret McElrea, Ewan Morris
2018 Claire Lake, Michael Bevan
2017 Lachlan Buddle, Cathy Pendergrast, Danny Brazzale
2015 Jarrod Warner & Elisha White
2014 Janice Feld
2013 Lauren Harnett
2012 Christopher O'Dea
2012 Elizabeth Salamon



ANZSRS Research Grant (Ceased)

Established in 2009, the ANZSRS research grant is offered to encourage and support research in clinical and/or laboratory-based respiratory science by ANZSRS members. In 2015 this award was renamed The ANZSRS Jeff Pretto Memorial Research Grant. 


Year Awarded

RecipientProject Title  
2014 Mahesh Dharmakumara The effect of ventilation inhomogeneity on exhaled nitric oxide measures in asthma
2013 Christopher Htun The time course of changes in small airway function following allogeneic haemopoietic stem cell transplantation for haematologic malignancy
2012 Jeff Pretto Utility of forced oscillometry in detecting upper airway dysfunction during hypertonic saline challenge
2012 Peter Briffa Monitoring inhaled corticosteroid efficacy in persons with asthma in pulmonary function laboratories
2011 Graham Hall Objective measures of bronchial hyper-responsiveness for asthma diagnosis in young children: Mannitol and exercise challenge testing
2010 Annette Dent Exhaled breath analysis as a tool to detect and manage chronic lung disease



The ANZSRS Jeff Pretto Memorial Research Grant

Jeff Pretto was Scientific Director of the Department of Respiratory & Sleep Medicine at John Hunter Hospital (Newcastle). He had associations with the Hunter Medical Research Institute and the University of Newcastle. Jeff also had a longstanding involvement in the Institute of Breathing and Sleep (IBAS) at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, where he worked for many years. Jeff had been an active member of the ANZSRS for more than 30 years and during this time had made a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the field of respiratory science. 

Whilst most have the opportunity in life to complete their individual opus, Jeff unfortunately was unable to complete his due to his sudden passing in 2014. Jeff was an inspiration to his peers and students alike, and his attitude to research and discovery helped foster numerous careers.  It is hoped that, even for those who never had the good fortune of meeting Jeff, this memorial award will, in some small part, continue the energy and enthusiasm that Jeff inspired in so many.


Year AwardedRecipientProject Title
2020 Nicole Westrupp Early detection of bronchiolitis obliterans using multiple breath washout in paediatrics
2019 Brigitte Borg Assessment of intersitial lung disease via the forced oscillation technique (a pilot study)
2018 Claire Lake Cough sensitivity to inhaled mannitol to identify cough hypersensitivity syndrome (CHS)
2017 Elisha White

Defining the impact of respiratory symptoms and environmental risk factors on lung function in Aboriginal Australians

(Grant returned)

2016 Graham Hall Can the lung clearance index predict the worsening of clinical status in children with cystic fibrosis
2015 Liam Welsh Multiple breath washout in children and adolescents with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis


ANZSRS Ascencia Education Grant

The ANZSRS Ascencia Education grant is offered to encourage and support those working in the field of respiratory science who seek higher qualifications relevant to their work.  This grant is funded by Ascencia Ltd sponsorship. 


Year AwardedRecipient
2020 Angela Freeman
2019 Not Awarded
2018 Donna Keatlet
2017 Angela Freeman
2016 Angela Freeman

Thomas Weaver & Brooke Carroll

2014 Donna Keatley