Finance Support Officer

The Financial Support Officer is independent of the Board, does not have a vote on the Board, but maintains a fiduciary duty to the Society and Board to ensure high standards of governance at all times in financial matters.

The role will generally be held by a previous Board member who held the Portfolio, Business and Finance during their term of office. The Financial Support Officer reports directly to the Business and Finance Portfolio holder with any comments, questions or issues, and the portfolio holder will in turn raise these with the Board members.

The role of the Financial Support Officer is to provide the Director, Business and Finance Portfolio (and the Board), when requested to do so, with:
• Advice and support regarding the finances of the Company
• Background on historical business and financial decisions made by previous boards
• Assistance in ensuring good governance around the decision making of financial matters

The Financial Support Officer may be requested to, amongst other things:
• Review end of year financial statements prior to sign off by the Board
• Review other business/finance documentation
• Assist with / review insurance related documentation
• Help develop skills of new Business and Finance portfolio holders
• Participate in review of consideration of significant financial decisions made by the board ahead of the decision being made