ANZSRS Mentor Program

The ANZSRS membership includes highly experienced professionals involved in Respiratory Medicine as well as recent graduates.Many of the experienced members of the society have valuable skills, expertise and insights that could be more extensively shared within the ANZSRS membership. The ANZSRS Board acknowledges this valuable resource and has established an ANZSRS mentoring program.

This is the experience of ANZSRS members who have taken part to date: “It was ..great to have the support of Mentor’s Name”; “The mentorship programme was excellent”; “It has been nice to discuss topics with colleagues outside of my lab ...... to get a different perspective on certain technical aspects”; “I enjoy being able to pass on some of my experience to a more junior colleague”.

The program is providing two levels of mentoring:

  1. Assist in the establishment of an on-going mentor/ mentee partnership 
  2. Establish a list of Advisors who can be contacted to give advice in their specialist area.


Areas of mentoring/ advising include:

  • Clinical Practice 
  • Laboratory Accreditation 
  • Laboratory Management and Leadership
  • Research
  • CRFS Support

If you wish to become a Mentor, be mentored as a Mentee or become an advisor, then please contact the Program Facilitators (below) for more information.

Please note that the ANZSRS is facilitating the mentoring program however it does not endorse Mentors, Mentees or Advisors.