About Our Society

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science Ltd (ANZSRS) was formed in 1980 to serve the professional needs of scientists and technologists employed in clinical respiratory function laboratories. The members of the ANZSRS are drawn from all regions of Australia and New Zealand. Society membership numbers approximately 350.

Our aims:

  • To provide a forum for scientific and technical communications between members.
  • To advance the knowledge and practice of respiratory function measurement and respiratory physiology.
  • To promote excellence in respiratory function measurement.
  • To support and encourage training and education in respiratory function measurement.
  • To facilitate dialogue with other professional societies with common interests.

Each year the ANZSRS organises a two-day scientific meeting comprising presentations of research work performed by its members, invited lectures and educational sessions.

In 1994 the ANZSRS developed and administered the first Australasian credentialing examination for scientists and technologists involved in clinical respiratory function testing. The examination is held bi-annually.

Membership or other enquiries should be directed to the ANZSRS Secretariat as per the Contact Us page.